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What exactly is a blog?

The boring answer? It's an online personal journal/diary, where "posts" are written on a specific topic and listed in reverse chronological order.

The exciting answer? It's a place for sharing knowledge or viewpoints. It's a magnet that can attract a far-reaching audience. It's a platform that can open up a world of opportunities. It can be whatever YOU want it to be.

What's the difference between a blog and a website?

A website is usually a representation of a company and has multiple web pages (Home, Products, Services, etc.). A blog is more a representation of a specific topic, written by one or several people. A website can have a blog as part of its site. But a blog focuses on just the blog.

How does Build My Blog differ from other blogging services/platforms?

Ah...the million dollar question. We are the only complete blogging solution on the market, not only building your blog but teaching you HOW to blog. You will choose from only time-tested blog templates to choose from. Your blog will be created by us and all of the the technical aspects of starting a blog will be handled by us as well. Your blog will be optimized for the search engines based on keywords you provide us. You will learn where to find the best free images for your blog. You'll have access to over 60 professionally made video tutorials so you know everything there is to know to run a successful blog. And you will also receive the following eBooks after signing up with us: 50 Ways to Market Your Blog; 42 Ways to be a Better Blogger; 31 Ways to Monetize Your Blog; and The Anatomy of the Perfect Blog Post.

We build your blog. We launch your blog. We teach you how to blog. Yeah...we're the complete package.

What is included in your services?

Please see the Features page for all of the details. In summary, you get:

  • A professionally designed blog built by us that will be launched in 3 days or less.
  • A search-engine friendly and mobile friendly blog that is built for speed.
  • 4 free eBooks to help you become an awesome blogger.
  • Over 60 video tutorials.
  • About and Contact pages.
What happens after I sign up with Build My Blog? How to we go from signup to launch?

Once we receive your order, here are the steps we take to launch your blog:

  1. We kick things off.
    Within one business day, we'll send you an email, listing all of the assets we need in order to create your blog. We will also send you your 4 free eBooks!
  2. We install WordPress.
    Once we have your hosting information (see below), we will install WordPress and get you set up with your selected template, color scheme and logo.
  3. We build your blog.
    As we receive assets from you (blog posts, images, etc.), we will update your blog until we have everything we need.
  4. We launch your blog.
    Once it receives your final approval, you are all set to go and you are officially a blogger!
Once my blog is launched, will I be able to easily change colors, fonts, the layout, etc?

Absolutely. Every template comes with its own Theme Options panel, where you can easily change anything you'd like. For example, if you do not want the big slider on top of your blog's home page, it's one button to turn it off. Want the sidebar on the left instead of the right? Easy. Everything is customizable. Here's a screenshot of the Theme Options panel.

how do I change the fonts on my blog?

Are there any monthly costs I will incur?

You owe nothing to Build My Blog once you sign up with us. The ONLY monthly cost you will have is your web hosting, which you will sign up and pay directly to your web hosting company. It usually costs less than $8 per month.

Who hosts/owns my blog once it's launched?

You do. You own everything. Hosting is inexpensive and once you are set up, usually does not require any more thought on your part. You also own your own domain name. And yep...we'll walk you through the simple process of setting both things up and setting up your email as well.

Do you have any recommendations for web hosting?

We highly recommend InMotion hosting for both domain registration and hosting. We have been using them for many years and they have a stellar reputation within the industry. You can get hosting & email for less than $8/month plus a free domain name. Click here to sign up with InMotion Hosting.

To walk you through the InMotion sign up process and setting up an email address, here are simple instructions to walk you through each step.

Do I really need a blog if I'm already on social media?

It is not one or the other. They work beautifully together. You can use your blog to enrich your social media and use social media to promote your blog. It's a great one-two punch.

What if I already own a blog but just want a redesign with one of your templates?

Our service at this time is for new blogs only. But please contact us, as we may be able to handle your request.

Ready to get started? Just select your...

  • Template

  • Colors

  • Font

...and we'll kick things off. Yes it's that simple.